Soccer and finnish mythology

Louhi is a sorceress (noita) and the ruler of Pohjola. She has strong magical powers, and she is able to shapeshift. The name “Louhi” and it’s alternative versions are related to the word “lovi”. Lovi refers to a gap, or place in between through which a shaman could travel. This is most likely a reference to her as a Loviatar, or Louhi’s and the noita’s shamanistic abilities according to finnish mythology. She is this opening, or sacred space, as she is what we enter that is between us. And here, she may appear in many different forms since she has this ability to shapeshift. I listened in on a discussion lately where she suddenly became visible to me. By the feelings for a soccer team in Sweden she took a group of men into this middle realm. Their emotionality made her a kind of virgin mother. And in this form she instantly became untouchable. They were all spellbound by her magic. Nothing physical could enter her presence after this. She was truly invisible to them. In this form she was to be revered and protected as something not of this earth. Here she really was the wicked queen of the land beyond the crossing of a fiery stream. Which is the intense suffering we have to endure in ourselves in order for us to see her. So everyone was now intensively occupied with her, and shared her psychic energy between them while they treated this soccer team with virginal reverence. And of course, according to Louhi’s enchantment, everyone else’s team was a team of harlots and fornicators, and was talked about as such. This is also what you were if you were not in their magic circle. It was not about soccer anymore. It was about Louhi.
And suddenly I found myself to be in pohjola.