about zombie relationships

What we experience from our impulses are knowledge. When we are permissive in our spontaneity and at the same time observe it, it is knowledge. I believe that it is this ability, or the reflection it creates, that in its transferred form allows us to “lose” or forget about ourselves in our opposite gender. Its a wonderful thing too. Like when we’re in love. We have to be able to get intoxicated by ourselves. That’s how we acquire meaningful experiences. How we create our own space. There is a difference in this experience between men and women in todays world. Women sense it clearly when men are self-absorbed in their emotional lives. Or when they have to carry it for them. Men sense it when women don’t reflect, or really “think” for themselves. These experiences is the absence of self awareness. There is no personal space. We have transferred it. But no matter which, we become distanced and impersonal, and inaccessible to each other. All our relationships become zombie relationships.