on the symbolic sense of the world

There is a symbolic language of reflection that we observe in our inner space which emerge between ourselves and the world of others. It is a listening to interpret a voice that contains a sense of meaning. It cannot be learned by memorizing facts like we do with the ego since this is our primordial voice. Both men and women must really question themselves and focus on it because the reflection it creates is our own voice. Otherwise we will just become parrots by quoting and copying what we have heard, or learned from whatever source of importance we have committed ourselves to. In the end we have to make up our own mind. And learn its language to find out in what way we can hear it most clearly. To really listen to what it has to say about us, about our experiences, and of that which we are behind our impulses. The person we are without reflection. Only then the world becomes a world with others. A world that make ”sense” to us. With a language of the sensens. Not a world of opressive opposites.