meaning has a separate and different context in time than it otherwise has

I do not relate to my surroundings with the views of public opinion, about what is generally recognized and accepted there. Or the perceptions it has about what is right or wrong in a world of thought separated from the experience of where our nature and social life interrelate in an embodied sensory manner. That just transforms someone’s assumption of what something is, into someone else’s assumption of what also is, where we infinitely deny the ‘other’ within ourself the right to exist. There is never any real interior involvement. Because there is no such thing. That kind of assumptions have no roots in the other’s psychological space. The world of personal subject-to-subject sharing of presence where we actively participate in each other’s existence is not present, and I don’t like to be outside of the center of my being. Outside of what is taking place continuously, that is, from behind of the mainstreams assumptions, and that which matters most. Both humans, non-humans and places exists within its own existential space of value and meaning, and that space between nature and society is in itself social. It is where we get our reflections of what we are, and mutually co-create each others’s sense of awareness of the other. Be it a place, a human or a non-human sensory experience of our reality. We just become involved in what it is that is there, and since the dawn of man we still make experiences that are widely recognized and accepted there too. We have just learned to ignore it, to reference and pay attention only to what is outwardly recognised, and only look at ourselves like that. The cultures of any indigenous people of any traditional origin may confirm this to us. We are completely out of our minds and we dont even now it.