experiences beyond the boundaries of skin

At some point, everyone will be called to face it. The collective power of our psyche. It’s often the introduction to our initiation. Most people who experience it unknowingly just give in to it and seek liberation from it through a person outside of ourselves. Or we laments that the external person is not accessible to us, or able to carry what we are experiencing. We have to suffer the tremendous impact it has on us. But when it withdraws, as it have to, to bring us back from that person to its primordial origin. The original power is usually lost, and a depression may follow, since it is not conveyed with any insight into what kind of significance it has for us when it happens. Partly because it is about being able to stand up to it in ourselves. We have to recognize our bodies, our physical presence. And to realize that it is working through us. That it is there both within, and between us. It is what will make us grow. It is the power that takes us out of our psychologically perceived dependency, away from the relationships that characterize our personal childhood and the undeveloped experience we have of this force as an end in itself. As something we indulge in with selfish purposes instead of being something that gives us a powerful way of looking at ourselves, at our own nature and the world around us. How we and others live in relation to it both mentally and physically. For most, it stops there as an end in itself. We cling to it through others in a grand way, or we may cling to it as “the suffering of the world”, where there is never going to be enough suffering that we address and indulge in. Because we haven’t seen it as something we have to face in ourselves, personally. An almost unbelievable amount of suffering emerge from this experience. I also think that it is most likely why people tend to cling to all kinds of different authorities. They think that they can end “their” sufferings of the world.