life in Ruohtta-aimo

If we give in to the standardized way of looking at ourselves and abandon our inner voice, Rádienáhttje, the psychic reflection that regulates our inner balance and gives us guidance, we become the victim we must answer for by constantly accepting psychic gifts of reconciliation from the collective morality we submit ourselves to. No matter how hard we try, we will never wash ourselves clean of its guilt, of the feeling of shame we experience from having abandoned our inner whole. Before our eyes, people around us will constantly remind us of this guilt since so many have to pay the price for our collective deeds. They will always be affected by the sufferings, injustice, violence and horrors that different social groups expose them to individually if we choose not to listen to the voice of our individual conscience. The common morality of a society works in the same way because it rests on this individual sacrifice and the abandonment of Radiengiedte who negotiate this connection that we are incessantly trying to reconcile with.