artificial ideals and guilt in a primeval mutual touch

Radien-gieddte and Radien-neita is the one’s we are listening to who is negotiating our connection to a greater whole. He is the inner companion we turn to for psychic reflection. She relates us to it. Without this relation we have no true self-assertion. No protection against being exploited by our surroundings. If we have no conscious relation to him or his relation to the within and Rádienáhkká, the within in the physical without, we are made helpless. Because we are being turned into a figure who’s role will be to satisfy the standards and ideals of those around us, of the culture they transmitt to us. Not the connection we need for our own beingness. This will make us feel bound by everything and everyone around us, and that will become our identity. Something we experience as a kind of constant guilt for the repressed relation we have to the one we have within us. For the assertive instinct and sense of integrity he possesses which our guilt suppresses for us. But it is impossible to live up to someone else’s idealized version of the conversation they must have with their inner person. That will only leave us open to become colonised by people who knows nothing about what it is to be psychologically human, which is being done with a distorted relationship to personal integrity and our instinctive need of closeness. Some of us have such a broken relationship to what he or she is that they even believe that this junction within us does not even exist. They feel questioned when their collective views and ideals require personal considerations, and their instinctive anger and frustration is always present and breaks obsessively through when their rigid and fixed standards are met by spontaneity or psychic independence. Give voice to an alternative view, make a reference to psychic reflections of another kind and it becomes very clear to us how we suppress that intersubjective relation we have to what is beyond our collective ego’s. We become completely rotten, phony and dishonest, some of us truly evil, but we pretend it’s raining.