Celebrating summer solstice

When we celebrate the upcoming midsummer eve or the summer solstice, I was once asked what was the point of the midsummer pole. I think it’s forgotten but the midsummer pole is what unites the earth with the sky. The inside with the outside. The psyche with the world. It is a reference to the imaginary psychic axis that holds up and enables the light of consciousness to enter into us by the separation of the two. Not only that, it is the center of the world around us that is everywhere, and during the summer solstice, when daylight is at its longest, what we celebrate is the wholeness that surrounds us, supported by its center, at its highest point of the year. There can be no active mirroring connecting us to what we are in the absence of this relation. Also, at this time the earth is most fertile and produces the most. Which is what this relation is about. We honor the sustaining forces behind all life, its riches and the directions given to us by this relation. The constant return of everything that comes from this is celebrated by dressing the pole which keep everything up with leaves and flowers so that we do not forget how important it is to us. Where we come from. We celebrate this union, and the light of the sun as our connection to the earth and its circles of life. It is a connection to that we have within us that is not only part of ourselves, it is the within in the without. Without it, there is no psychological reflection, we simply do not exist in a psychological sense.