a state of eternal psychic sleep

In the deep psychic underground of Ruohtta-aimo, we are in the state where we deny ourselves or are denied the need for psychic reflection. We become an infection, a mental epidemic outside the whole that guides and regulates what is within the without, and we try to make others an image of what we think of ourselves in relation to the standards our cultural customs prescribes to us. We are not receptive to emotions, to their true origins. We are no longer sensitive to what they convey to us, or to the directions given to us from the outside of the ego. Our Nature has no place in the flow of our inner life. We lose touch with the intersubjective source of our renewal and decide for others what that relationship should look like. Not what it actually is. Everything that can not be fitted in to that relationship must either be questioned or rejected. We put our blame on others for what is our own rigid and fixed relationship to the perception of a larger whole and for how it provides us with instructions for the constant renewal of life. We are no longer open to the inner balance it conveys to us personally. Fragmented parts of our mind become substitutes for the whole. Our own voice will have no relation to the psychic flow for which we are an object. We are cut off from our participation with the nature that surrounds us. We end up in Ruohtta-aimo. Like ghosts in a dark and lifeless place, we are not alive and we are not dead, we have a form but no substance. It is the ultimate psychic suffering where we feel that there is no going back at all. We are no longer part of the recurring embodiment of psychic life.