I look into a dead society

We have experienced the colonization of psychic reality and its resulting disregard for the societal systems, its beliefs, and support structures, fundamental for us in processing the experience of nature as representatives of an inner realm we have elaborated to culture for generations. This was something central to the well-being of people and communities. But our cultural body of today no longer supports the reality of this connection. This intrusion into the human world of morals and society have wreaked havoc in people an created an illness that manifests itself between the agencies of our shared nature, behind the scenes of the visible world, and the definition of ourselves as members of a greater community. People no longer know how to contain or express the activity of their own invading nature. And the societies of today cannot maintain that integrity, so people feel separated from their communities by the intensity of felt inner experience and turn against its lack of facing true reality. This is what every upheaval of a modern society is really about. Its about our projected narcissism and its one-sided collective individualism. And speaking collectively, it is the extraverted opposite of the madness in the Middle Ages. What I am trying to say is, we should be very careful with what we add to other people, since the problems of being an individual often stems from the crushing demands of collectivity and its unrelatedness in being cut-off from a genuine connection to the forces of our inner nature. It does not matter how skilful or well thought of a theory about the psyche or diagnosis is if it doesn’t relate to our personal experience of psychic reality.