now is everywhere in time

I have spent most of my time since my late twenties trying to deal with what was then the emergence of new forces that came to the surface from within, and to adapt them to my life. At that time I also had to become them. It’s been a while, and I’ve been trying to find out what form they have by formulating them, trying to make them human, following their purpose to find out what this means to me and listen to what they have to say. This was something that came naturally to me because at that point in my life I felt that I had to take back my projected identity and retrieve it from the group or collective mind to integrate it with my own true nature. My old forms and their expressions have since decreased in strength. The energy they had conveyed was no longer there, and their old purpose was no longer serving me in my life. The new energies that appeared to me at that time are still here, but in a larger sense as subjects in a we-field, and I am more there with them than they are here in me. I’m still trying to bring them into my life. They talk, I listen and wait. Above all, I wait all the time. Since I always have to compare my impressions with them, let them articulate me and hope that their origins, which I share with other people, also link me to my own.