solitude is also my presence in you

When solitude becomes compulsive like in an illusory blame, thinking about ourselves as a one-sided, non-related, self-sufficient being, we deny the inner reality of others as well as we deny our own. This seems to happen when people are not aware of what we add to others, not realising what that contains. Most people just become frightened by this sudden experience of fragmentation and turn to group thinking, and some put their beliefs in a special group as a body for this unsettlement. Often characterizing themselves as equally special or chosen by elitism. They don’t see it as projected narcissism. Or as an unrelated collective individualism. All kinds of tragic things then happens when we are not ready to be visited by our raw unprocessed nature that formulates itself through us in the realm of our shared psychic reality.
We fall victim to isolation. And to the individual problems of other people thinking about themselves as singular beings cut off from the reality we share from within. Contrary to this, solitude is about being present in what is behind the world. With or without the shared presence of others.