finding the image of the dialog with our being, or opposing other

To me it seems that finding our double is crucial for all types of human relationships. It is about our recognition of the arguments of others. If we deny ourselves “the other” within us, we do not recognize the other person’s validity, so we deny them this other, or his / her’s double’s right to exist. When we do that, we become two-dimensional and have no standpoint in ourselves. The other have no say, because we only let our “civilized” ideals decide what is to be accepted by us. Completely leaving out the rest of our shared psychic Nature. We become a dummy for what is generally accepted regardless of its consequences for the individual, and for ourselves. We become our own enemy without knowing it. Grand ideas and flamboyant ideals become guiding principles for our human actions. Something that is constantly going to remind us, and shame us as inattentive people. An experience that we are constantly influenced by in others. We let it ravage freely and wonder how political phenomena seem to arise out of nothing, and how isolated outbreaks of atrocities are carried out by people who have lost or never had any contact with who we also are within us. We dont even recognise how it appears in our own personal life. Scale it up to leadership over large companies, organizations or countries and we see more clearly what is behind our news. What is happening in the world. We just let the world suffer it for us. It is about finding our true voice, or our real name. Or we only know of others what we think is civilized, or generalized in ourselves through our compressed dummy. Not through our conversation with ourselves that is something that also exists in others. It is this that makes us impenetrable, to a mere facade, isolated and inaccessible to the world around us.

In Finnish folklore, an ‘etiäinen’ is what a person is a reflection of, a sensed impression of a double that precedes him or her, and does, or do, the same things that a person does, and have to encounter later on. To meet with such a ‘being’ can be called an etiäinen. An etiäinen can be heard and sometimes also seen. In sami it is called “Ovdasas” (forerunner or forewalker) or “Mannasas” (walking afterwards) or “Forrosas” (traveller), This Farrosas (traveller, covering both terms) refers to that everybody is born with a double, which is also the person’s guide. Ovdasas in Finnish is oudastaa, which means to detect, or see through things. An awareness, and a promonition, hence the term “forerunner”, when it refers to the double or the template of our being. It is often confused with the image we have of ourselves, our autopilot or the “civilized” version we use in our social interaction with others. But they have nothing to do with each other because they are two separate experiences. One of them, our Nature, is in us what is constantly evolving, the other is that which is already known, and generally accepted.