initiation as an ongoing living reminder from our nature to become part of it

Three things must be experienced for what they are during some period in life in order for us to be involved in the initiation that we encounter and that runs within us throughout our lives. We must be exposed to and feel real vulnerability, experience real seclusion, and understand and find our access to the inner nature that is one with the one that embraces us, something we must also face alone in our experience of how darkness affects us. I believe that everyone goes through them individually and in different forms, and that some of us stay for far too long in deviations from them, and in what then arises when we do not understand what it is we experience when we go through it. What it is within us that is a part of it. We tend to suffer from it in silence or in seclusion without knowing why we do it. We feel exposed and vulnerable without knowing the cause of why it appears. We can experience fear of our own natural instincts through others, and of the darkness that naturally arises around us, which can then trigger our own sense of insecurity that we carry within us in the encounter with our own nature, and we begin to see it through people and things around us. That’s why exposure to seclusion and darkness is so important. To experience our nature in its embodied sense of that wholeness that encompasses us. Because if we ignore our part in this, it will silently haunt us and cause anxiety. We diminish ourselves and become irritable and defensive. If we accept it, we will be guided in the experience of our psychic architecture. We become part of nature instead of repeating ourselves in our fears, or in our feeling of loneliness and vulnerability which is where we are made unique. That is, we constantly try to rationalize this away while our reality speaks a completely different language that says something else about the truth behind our attitude. We are not involved. What I mean is, our fears, feelings of vulnerability and loneliness are intimately connected to the experience of the psychic initiation everyone has within them. Whether we are aware of it or not, it will be expressed through us as a physical experience. The question is if we are able or willing to follow its lead. Which initially is painful and tremendously disturbing for the mindset we are growing out of and leaving.