another way of looking at femininity with the Sami Akka’s

When we experience our second birth and Uksakka shows up as our sense of a threshold, we also meet Sarakka. She who conveys our inner cleaveledge and make the experience of our inner person, radien-giedde visible to us. The first part of her name comes from the word saret which means to split and refers to a piece of firewood split at one end. She brings the essence of all beings to Maderakka to be embodied by her. Because all people were considered women until Juksakka discerned the psychic quality that was a separating force in us. Juksakka was responsible for making the primordial woman Maderakka, or Mother Earth, visible to us, along with our counter-sexual qualities that her power forced us to face. The relationship to the original celestial whole, Radien-attje then appeared from where all the primordial forms of energy of all beings are kept. Something that Maderakka embodied as all life. To be a part of this kind of experience, which seems to arise from our minds out of nothing, and as another content, an intermediary in our relationships, is to go through an initiation. A call from life to a maturation process as old as life itself. If we do not meet with them, Saivo will appear to us only as a distant lost perfect wholeness. Not as a relationship with the living cosmos.