another way of looking at femininity with the Sami Akka’s

When we experience our second birth and Uksakka shows up as our sense of a threshold, as a psychic atmosphere we can touch that surrounds us, we also meet Sarakka. She who conveys our inner division and make us experience our inner person, the human being we develop within us, together with Radien-gieddte and Radien-neita. She brings the essence of all beings to Maderakka to be embodied by her. Because all people were considered to be girls until Juksakka took upon her to discerned the psychic quality that was the separating force in us. Juksakka was responsible for separating Maderakka, the primordial woman from the physical mother and make her visible to us. Along with our counter-sexual qualities that her power violently forced us to face and develop. The meeting with her made the psychological demands that turns boys into men, and girls into women. She also reveals the psychic form of influence Maderattje has on us by our fathers, because Maderattje introduce us to the relationship we have to an even greater inspirational background of life. To Radien-attje, who appears as an ordering field from where all the primordial forms of energy of all beings are kept. Something that Radien-akka embodied in a sense of the greater whole of Maderakka as the mother of all physical life. To be part of this kind of experience which seems to arise in our minds out of nothing, as the content that is the within in the without, and is our psychological reflection beyond the ego, is to go through a call from life to a maturation process as old as life itself. If we do not meet with it, it will appear to us only as a distant feeling of a lost perfect wholeness. A longing for something else, and the experience that once made such a strong impression on us in our childhood. Something we will look for everywhere. In things and people around us, as part of material knowledge, something which is not to be found there, but as a relationship to life itself. If we persist, we just make an endless repetition of it. Something we constantly have to get out of.