we take our form as a result of the relations we have with the psychic underworld

Contrary to what many believes Jabmeakka is not some queen of the dead. She is part of a duality as the dark aspect of Maderakka. Dark in this sense means that she is more of a caretaker of those living or dead who is in the eternal psychic sleep. It is Radien-giedte’s role, like a companion to her in this relation, together with the dual aspect of Radien-neita/Saivo-neita to bring us out of Jabmeaimo, out of this psychic sleep. Away from the company of the dead to be brought back to the world of the living. This dual aspect of Radien-neita/Saivo-neita contains both the emerging or unborn potential of life and the life of those who for various reasons have ended up in Jabmeaimo. This is very much like a kind of re-establishment of the connection we have between us and our selves. Of psychic reflection. It brings us back to earth. To Maderakka and to our relation to a greater whole in Radien-akka as an ongoing relationship between us and our deepest and most authentic experiences. If we replace the Sami words with contemporary terms from analytical psychology, it will be the same processes but with different names. The experience is the same, but how we choose to refer to them when we share that reality differs both in relation to where we are, and when we do it in time. Each time has its own way of choosing how we should look at the relationship we have to our psychic reflection.