about the sense of moods

This space without time that exists in between us is not a certain mood. What I refer to, is an inner activity that is going on all the time. It is what we are inside. And it also appear to us as an independently shared interaction there, in that space. A mood is something else. A kind of expectation. Like with a child. He expects to be cared for in a lot of ways, or he will become quite moody or even violent. At times he will also act in ways to release the tension created by moods around him. But we do not need his kind of expectations because we have this space, and its place outside of time. We express its activity directly in between us when it is allowed to flow freely in a healthy shared space. Free from moods. We just move in and out of it with what we are. These moods have patterns and certain roles prefixed in them. They passify us and turn the power of our impulses over to someone else, and us into passiveness. I think these roles are linked back to our first family. They are repetetive patterns of behavior, of moods to be fulfilled by someone else in a surrounding where they no longer have a purpose. They just linger on as moods. And as worn out behavioral patterns. They really are what destroys our access to this independently shared space without time.
I can sense them all over the place. And I always want to go beyond them. They are quite annoying.