more on our shared place without time

There is an active, intelligent consciousness active in that between of space that is us. We turn it into a shared me, and into relations of you and me in independent interaction. It is a timeless body of now, everywhere at the same time. It is also a body of shared participative power and knowledge outside of individuality common to us all. And in this way it is a non material experience of an immediate space of information that wants to be expressed in itself, through us. Here we bring the invisible to the visible and materialize its non-material reality. Our mind enters this space, or field of energy as impulses. And we ceases to exist as a physical property with mass and begin to act as patterns of energy. These patterns, or forms of energy determines the true nature of our relations, and how the visual order of this information interact in this shared space of energy between us.
We move into it, emit our physical energy and appear. Then we move away from one another, but we can stay connected and act as though we were one thing, no matter how far apart we are. Here we are these shared thoughtlike forms of a cosmic potentiality which finds this reality of consciousness in us. It also directs and coordinates the flow of our life.