I’m not an outcast from your loss of space

Non locality or shared space without time is also closely connected to beingness. Its a kind of awareness. When it is absent its like a personality loss. We have no presence. And we seem to be somewhere else. Instead of becoming moodiness it may also be a kind of constant looking after everything. We have to attend to something, take care of things, leaving our shared space and our relation to it, altogether. And after we have lost this space, we pull other people into it as “hostages” to fill the gap we have created by our loss. Or we create situations for it to happen. Other people then become substitutes. They have to handle or carry the powers of our impulses that inhabit our space. And they act as innocent participants of something existent in our own force-field of experiences that we have failed to realize as parts of our own personal reality.
We disappear into a behavioral feedback loop to incarnate the energies that fills our space with the content of its symbolic order and form. Or we just ignore it to continue to pollute each other with our loss as outcasts of ourselves.