about the physical properties of spirituality

Light and consciousness transcends time and place. They both have characteristics that appears the same anywhere. The closer you get to it, the closer you get to here and now. Time slows down to nothing and distance seems to disappear into thin air. Everything becomes a matter of how we relate to it. It becomes a balance between the experiences of the world as a materialistic, and physical, or immaterial and emotional phenomenon. Also, since light does not have a mass, and always travels with the same speed, light and consciousness appears to exist somewhere beyond space and time. We don’t experience them in between. They travel nowhere, and it takes them no time to do so. They appear in one person, in one physical space, and reappears in another, seemingly out of nowhere. We will therefore assume that consciosness is everywhere at the same time, and its quality seem to have existed somewhere outside of any physical space before we ever got to attain it. With light it also shares the ability to appear in the chemical, biological and physical processes we get in streams of packaged energy. Light behave as consciousness, and consciousness behave as space, so these packages of light will not always behave as matter. They will also consist of energy and pure mind. We can therefore conclude that everything we say about the behavior of light, we can also say about space, or the behavior of consciousness. And they both seem to point to this something beyond time and space. Beyond the physical reality that we apprehend by our senses. They exist somewhere in something before they get interpreted by our mind. I speak here of a quality that we can never experience directly. It rather emmits itself from a reality outside the light of consciousness. Carrying the ability to manifest itself locally as space everywhere. This zero mass reality is called the spacetime continuum. And it is from this source conscious life is created. It is the stream of emergent reality that we can only know about through the energy it releases. We experience it as self-contained small quantums of pure mind that manifests itself as space, everywhere in time. Because time is place, and space is consciousness.
They are the physical properties of mind that translates into the reality of light.
To sum up, we can use the terminology of Immanuel Kant.
Since we cannot know anything about the “thing-in-itself”, we transmit the phenomenon of what is apprehended from the spacetime continuum into space and time. To the noumenon.
Light has become our way of illuminating the symbolic reality of consciousness.