on the voice of reflection

Memory is what we refer to when we seek answers to something. What we call memory is our personal way of asking questions to the voice within us that partly relates to what we have learned in order to adapt to the surrounding environment that constitutes our time. Partly also to a present older layer in our ourselves, where this voice is a constant reminder of the relationship we have to our more fundamental ways of functioning. Here it exists abandoned, almost without recognition, and we experience it in its older form, with the terms that belonged to the time and the cultural expression it had when it was last abandoned. It is the voice we ask our questions to, and which has almost been lost in our expectations of the often complicated and difficult-to-understand answers it conveys in our constant philosophical search for answers in an external sense. But the more we approach our innate origin and its functions, the clearer the voice becomes in the flow of these inherited traditional layers as well. Whatever we prefer to call it.
It is a part of us, and it is the part we turn to when we seek answers to questions that we cannot find elsewhere, but must search within ourselves. Often alone and in seclusion. Here we find ourselves in a kind of prayer, and in a quiet awareness with our questions to the forces acting in our nature. To call it praying is our way of saying that we are humbled and open to an answer from a source in our nature that is beyond the influence and control of our conscious self.
And we always get answers. Its quite a mystery.
Try to explain that to your family and to your friends.