When the “atmosphere” is also something inside us

There is a resemblance of the anxiety and frustration and self-pity present in some of the discomforts that exists today, and some of the traditional views that this is something determined by the state in which our second attention or “dreambody” is situated. Here the dreambody is used to point to a more specific something. An immaterial experience. Like the etheric body, mental body, energy body, or the more familiar christian concept of the soul. An emotional state of connectness. Instead of just mechanically using the academic word psyche, which is often used to relate to a more physical, or material aspect of knowledge.
But since almost everything about how we look upon ourself and the world, depends on the part of the human consciousness that can move outside of matter. This second attention, or “Dreambody” concept creates a vehicle, a relation, and something to communicate with directly.
We get an “etheric” or psychic body. A relation to an “atmosphere”, or a sense of something that determines how we connect to the world.
When we feel disconnected, or lost, it is often experienced as we are being suffocated by someone or something. We feel deprived of any direct participation with life, and we sense that we have lost our “etheric” connection. It has been taken away, or stolen from us. Or maybe we just had to learn to ignore it for our own good. But we must have this in between to enter into life, if we ever want to participate in it directly. Unfortunately, we have all learned to supress the anxiety and frustration this “etheric” body creates by our ignorance, and from an outside lack of acknowledgement of its existance. As a consequence, most of us have come to believe that this is not our reality. And many more begin to think that this can only be solved with dominance, or an authoritarian approach to keep it gone. Not by looking at the anxiety and frustration that we repeatedly create on our own, and place in between ourselves and the others “out there”.
Because as we bring it into the world, we make our anxiety and frustration appear over and over again, without end.
Nothing ever changes. We just keep on going, and repeat ourselves.