why nothing changes

We think that the constant movement of thinking make us progress, evolve, and grow. But our thoughts is not intelligence, it is the movement of past human experiences, of our accumulated knowledge. Of all mankinds content of cultural traditions, and manner of behaving; Economical, political, religious and social behaviours. All the knowledge we have gathered together through the centuries. And all our best and worse behaviors, common characteristics, beliefs, dogmas, and rituals. All this is what put our existence together. It is what make us humans what we are in the world. The experience of this content is what we call consciousness, and it relates us to all humanity. Everyone of us confronted this with our inner selves when we entered life, and we continuosly add to its experience by living with it. Even identifying with fragments of it. Thinking, this is what we must be. Conforming to what a particular environment prefer of it, and reject other things that is also part of it. Even blaming others for a particular content which we don’t want to acknowledge. Consciousness is filled with all of that, and all the kinds of things of thought that has ever appeared in man. Its content is non-local. Because we are the entire humanity, and all that is in it is the movement of thoughts separated as individual thoughts moving around from one thought to another in the consciousness of every man and woman. Thoughts that are shared by all. Belongs to us all, though they must be perceived by an individual. The qualities and character of the content of consciousness is not limited to just one individual. As a collective sum of human thinking, consciousness is only personal in the sense that this movement of our thought also creates time. It is an engine of memories, knowledge and past experiences of man. The sum total of all psychological products of mankind. The stored and accumulated experiences of all that we can access by our thoughts. But they spring from the past. So the source of our thinking is partly dependent on accessing the past. We think that if we act on our thoughts, we create our future. Sadly it isn’t so. We just move our past into another thought, thinking it is the future, and then repeat ourselves. We invent things, have all the gadgets, but it is still the same content we refer to about humanity. The movement of the world, and the individual movement of thought in consciousness are the same. Nothing really change because we do not access, or deal with the present. We use our thinking only, which makes us live in a perpetual past.