to clear the mind of its intelligence

Be gone! Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris and Peterson. All of you alike. Hush away! You missionary leftovers of collective faith. I want to clear my mind of that kind of intelligence. I see my own behavior in you. Stuffed and inflated, victimized and puffed-up in scope and intensity. Compulsively living up to this sense of an all-knowing grandiosity, which was never ours to hold for anyone else. Whoever gave it away, their ideal image of themselves did not belong with us. It lived of of us, fed on us. Its a fake glory of identification with someone elses self image. Their projected self-reflection. It was never ours to carry. Be gone now. And stay gone. I am not interested in carrying what is your victimized imprint on my behalf. Sacrificing my self for what is your conditioned ideal image of your self. In essence, it is an externalized image of a distorted self in the image of another ones authority. A leftover father image blended with our selves without a personally shared relation to the products of psychological phenomena we all participate in. You are just too merged with the contents of the collective. See you around.