where I am

It is the feeling that through our body perception we are in a certain spatial place. To be with the psychic content and the perceived psychic energy in a given place. That the body conveys our mental position. And on a level of emotional closeness where all people have a common type of experience regardless of our body perception. With the body, we decide where in time we choose to share the personal experience of our psychic reality, which we also feel and share with others as something important in the space between us in our external relationships and to our surrounding Nature. It is not enough to memorize or describe what we meet between us and ourselves, or what it is that we meet between others and themselves. We have to experience what nature it has and where it is, together, since the energy it contains is something that exists independently of us. Which means that we are all subject to a timeline of another kind, that is in itself unfolding to accomplish a specific goal.