When is reality not a dream?

In daytime the one we are within is following us around, inspire us and gives us directions. When we do not listen we feel bad about ourselves and experience self-criticism, which if we choose not to recognise it, we just put the blame on someone or something else. In fact, complaining or blaming others is in itself a sign that we are not listening to our true voice. Our complaints reveal our need to bring it in again, to seek solitude. So that we can once again face what it has to say, and not just within ourselves. But in the world too. To lament is to be in personal distress and is the way we draw attention to the fact that we must seek inner direction. At nighttime it is the other way around, we follow him. Where he goes, we go. The language he speak is metaphorical. That is also the way we share minds. Everything that is, that we are, comes from where he is. It is our human form and a personal relation to nature. To earth. And how our ancestral relation to Nature chooses to present itself for us. If we ignore that relationship, we do not live, our life becomes a nightmare. We may think that he is the same for everyone. He is not. And we get angry and frustrated if other people do not agree. This is not the way to treat our relation to ourselves.