what we condemn others to

Trying to relate to people who for various reasons are outside a relationship to the whole we are part of, and only relate to everything via their ego, is like being thrown into a bottomless abyss. Of dying inside. Its a feeling of a total loss of all life. After a while one can get used to the dim light that is there, of the scanty human contact, and of the disembodied aerial appearance it has on us. It is a desolate, lifeless place completely devoid of human life, abandoned by our senses. Nobody wants to be there but almost everyone is painfully preoccupied with defending its sufferings, and throw each other into its bottomless pit. I often get pulled into its atmosphere, into its attitude to the spontaneous, and its expression of lifelessness through the way in which direct authenticity is denied by the ego which turn everything to objects of nonexistence outside the whole of which we are a part. But most often through sudden aggressive outbursts that are the defenses of the ego’s attitude to the wholeness that is beyond its control. People are sniffy and condescending towards what they reject in themselves. Something that when we are young will question the relationship we have to our wholeness because our natural energy and spontaneity constantly evoke guilt from those around us who deny it in themselves. No matter how we try to reach them, they feel eviscerated to us, dead, like cold empty corpses who want everyone to share the wander around without any psychic contact with life, of being constantly tortured by the hopelessness and control that the ego forces them to submit to. There is no background, no visual inspiration. No shared conscious experience. Nothing. In Sami, this place is called Rota-aimo.