most of what the ego attributes to us is also someone else’s

The reality of my/our psyche is that I/we try to describe what it is with what it produces in itself. The most amazing thing about this is that the psyche also interacts with this material in the consciousness of others, and that it is driven by an energy, which mutually affects the shared relationship it has to everything around us in a cosmic sense. It is what organizes and transforms our sense of what is from the deepest layers of existence. Our minds have an independent order of their own which is embodied in an inner counterpart to which we must relate. We are constantly called to it when we are withdrawn. She’s called Saivo-niejta. When she is done and have had her say, and is satisfied with our communication with her, she changes attitude and transfers all her energy to reappear in her outer form called Radien-niejta. In this presence she is our relation to consciousness from a psychic approach and brings with her our participation in a totality that brings together many similar forms of impressions of charged information which joined together in a context of a supraordinate origin, and in a kind of interacting symbiosis with nature, embodies it in an ongoing process that gives meaning to their appearance as reality.