to separate out from the integrated whole

Because of the collectivity of the psyche and the intense pressure that results from the loss of a living connection to our parents’ archetypal images in us, we identify with a transferred collective exponent of ourselves as an external compensation for that unconscious relationship, which we develop and use in all experiences with an authority when we are under the spell of, or influenced by the primordial parental images in us. By not being initiated into inner life, we identify with them through a metaphorical simulation of individuality as we uphold a psychological balance for ourselves through a symbolic compensation of the wholeness we must maintain between the inner world shared by humanity and our personally experienced environment. But by interfering with our archetypal origins by mistaken identity, we confuse our relationship with them even though they are autonomous collective beings in relation to us. This will make us become dependent on a constant recognition of them through our parents, and on what inner contexts that has created. We will be characterized by their relationship, to their archetypal world, and then compulsively live out our own unconscious archetypal experiences. I believe that many of our most common public diseases, social difficulties, and the political turbulence we experience daily in our modern society can be traced back to the fact that we are never initiated into the background of the primeval archetypal image of our parents. With the consequence that we live in a constant symbolic compensation to them.