It is our true name

I have this alter ego. A kind of second personality I put out there. With him I have a constant discussion with myself. Something I have had my entire life. I use him to relate to my self. To act reciprocally with my world. When I do, i put him in context, and we talk about what it is that he wants to bring up. That which he want me to pay attention to. It is related to what is beyond myself. By contemplating on it, it extends my consciousness and make me more aware of life. Without him, I would just disappear into a world of psyche and be overwhelmed by the flow of the unconscious and the invisible properties that constitutes its presence. Like many old people do when they haven’t attended their relation with him. In sami he is radien-giedde. He is my human form. That which make me human. All living things has one. He is related to our true name. When he leaves, we die and move into the afterlife of his world. A world in which all life have their true form. In sami that is called saivo.