the Windman carries words of wisdom

A dream I recently had relates to the Sami wind being, Biegolmai. For the spontaneous directions we cannot see. He blows interchangebly hard, hot and biting cold. But also with a whispering gentle breeze. He inspires, fertilizes and shakes everything. Or throws it around. At the same time, he also leads and shows us the way, then he is an instigator and creator. In being the self, Radien-attje’s right hand. But he also has a club to deal with if he is ignored instead of his usual wind shovel in his other hand. I think it was he who taught the Sami and everyone else in the mountains and table-lands to listen to the weather. To our inner wind. To listen to where it is blowing and is heading without judging it. He is also the one who drives the attitude of the Stallo away. Our delusions of grandeur. It has motives we can only discern by listening and following him, and showing our respect for his intentions, from wherever he meets us. If not, he will hammer us out of our minds with his club and torment us with headaches. That’s what I learned after my last dream.