the serving as an intermediary with humanity

When we live in the intensity that it means to face the energy, the authenticity and truth of the inner whole, and the failure we face around us to acknowledge it, we become like screaming prophets in the desert or noaidi’s who are accustomed to the experience of our inner wilderness. No one else wants to be there, but everyone is looking for it in one way or another. In spite of that, only a few can stand it. To find oneself in peace there without having any contact with people and human conditions for extended lengths of time. This is like a constant rebellion against the authenticity and truth that our surroundings repudiate. A kind of self-preservation far from the life our ego thinks it can control. It is a kind of meditation. An exercise in the enduring of the conditions that our psyche expose us to. This experience is everything. Words becomes shit. We become prophets for the genuine relationship to the wholeness and morality that is inherent in, and around everything. A kind of wilderness for mad men and women. Characterized by the powers we are struggling with. This is what happens when we cognitively end up outside our ego and experience the separate existence that is the subjective counterpart of our reflections. But without finding our own voice we cannot escape. We have to find a way to acknowledge its existence as an intersubjective reality. Or we perish from it. From this way of looking at it we have to start listening to our prophets. They are all around us. What all these “crazy” men and women reveal to us is that we also live in a connection to a wholeness outside of the ego, and the connection to it is broken. People who are struggling on the fringe of our ego controlled world are our modern day prophets. They live and suffer what we have lost in ourselves, and they pay for it with their minds.