the underlying reality of being a parent

In my 5 year old grandson I can see how he struggles to develop a sense of independence to the often violent forces that affect him as he tries to create his relation to them. How he alternates between independence and struggle through what is transmitted by him to his parents, and the need for tenderness and care that he is strengthened by having, in that struggle with them. Often to the embarrassment of not feeling that there is an independence between those forces and his parents. I think that’s the cause of a lot of confusion and abashment when we’re at that age. Through cultural constraints, we inhibit access to our psychic origins and to our transpersonal environment. Which only increases the vulnerability we feel. Because this experience will also determine how we are coming to deal with our Nature as we proceed further into our lives. This is what I see of myself in my grandson, and where the groundwork for our relationship to the transpersonal is laid. I have never before imagined that there could be a mutual task to develop that independence together with our children. Now I can see that without it, there can be no access to our own nature, and they cannot find theirs.