animism is today’s attribution of conscious life to events and objects

Religion has not been practiced in our churches for a very long time. I can barely understand how that can be possible in a building. Instead, it is lived out in a hidden way in politics, in sports and in music, in arenas, and on social media. There, the psychology of our religious life is expressed spontaneously, often with the violent influence its full power has over us as Nature. People seem to live in a severe lack of receptivity that rests on the absence of being an active part of that nature that allows one to exist as a reflective human being in a living world, and without a reference for one‘s own existence. We thereby block our perceptual reciprocity with that beingness, and go crazy. This is the animism of modern man that has been transferred to indigenous peoples still in contact with their traditional transpersonal life by suppressing it in them, and replace it with our own helplessness. No academic jargon can help us, or explain away the raw power of our direct experiences of the nature of which we are a part.