the spirit we transmit to society

In the ”spirit” of labeling or diagnosis there is a cultural defence mechanism of rationality to reduce the initiatory experience to go beyond the culturally determined cognitive behavior, instead of it being viewed as something affectively beneficial to individuality in the work through of a self-concept fragmentarion and reorganisation.
But this is the attitude, or the ”spirit” of society to the patterns of cross-cultural functional similarity in peoples sufferings and anxiety, where many have to go to find the psychological features inherent in their experience of individuality, apart from the common cognitive behavior of society.
It is only natural for some people to break the bounds of contemporary society as individuals to expand consciousness. But the culture of the modern west does not provide any referential guides for comprehending this kind of experience.
This dissociation from the self’s socially constructed “spirit” is often the preliminary process for a transformation and reconfiguration into a new expression of cultural traditions, not to an academic theory or diagnostic label.