the pseudo or “victim-ego” is a container for our shame

Having a connection between us and ourselves also means having a sense of morality. Not as a word or a concept, or an intellectual thing. Its the raw experience of it. Either you have it or you don’t. Indigenous peoples still in contact with their traditions knows exactly what I am referring to. When we are young adults we come to a psychic crossroad where we have to develop double standards for our psychic equilibrium. We have to come to terms with what we sense is morally right and with our victim-ego as a by-product of our society if we somehow want to align to it. Because coming from the victim-ego is all kinds of resistance to the supression of our connection between us and our selves together with our parental related rebellion as a split occurs in our connection between them and our inner parent figures. If we succumb to it, there is also psychic illness, substance abuse and alcoholism. Some people just can’t cope with giving up on this relation to the within in the without. And they won’t take position against it from the point of view of the superego and suppress the relationship they have to this psychic space. Because it also means that we have to ignore being affected by what we have suffered when we are exposed to it from people around us. Which in turn inhibits the receptivity of our senses to Nature and human relationships. We may seize brief moments of this connection as a kind of temporary relief when we choose side for those who do to others what has also been done to us. By doing what they do, it can almost make us accept ourselves. So we hide our own shame and guilt of what is done to us in other people by no longer listening to what is going on between us and ourselves. Instead, we defend our victim ego by joining the attacks on others who must endure this psychological abuse in a vengeful way. Above all we may notice it in our society in how little people are able to let the other man’s argument count.