the mind of a situation or the group mind

This morning I was told about an event that is similar to what is often called a Freudian slip. In one way or the other I have thought of these things my entire life. Of some of the “zombie” motives behind our physical actions. In this particular situation it was an action that I think was due to the interference of a group mind none of the participants was aware of. They did not act out of their own minds, but out of the wishes and the internal trains of thought of a situation, or “group character”. Without going into details about it, it really struck me when it was told to me, that what was really creating a later embarrassment, or triggered this slip, was the “situation” or status of their compound mindset. They where not in themselves, as persons on their own, as individuals. What I was told would not have happened there. But still in the mind of the “situation”, where this group of people together was acting like one individual, with this one mindset in common, that mindset acted out its own intentions without this particular persons own judgement. The later embarrassment was done still in the zombie mind of this group character they had created as a form of an individual they had put together. None of them really gave this much thought, but when the act of this mindset was brought to my attention it really dawned on me how we work in most social groups. And it also became very obvious to me when we spoke about it, how the event that created an unpleasant episode later, that had to be dealt with, was created by this “character”. Most of our rational beliefs, -isms, political ideas, patriotisms and fundamentalisms grows out of this too. We really need to make ourselves aware of how we choose to give ourselves up to any “common identity” and as multiple beings of a single mind, if we ever want to be able to create good things for each other, and take responsibility for the actions we perform as part of “another” identity.