the mind and tension headaches

The most common form of headaches is tension headache. It is something I suffered mostly in my juvenescence. But also later. Since then I have always considered it as part of the tension between my experiences and the content of my mind. A kind of resistance from my part to accept and incarnate new information in relationship to the invisible part of beingness. Which creates tension. It is a symptom of a calling from our nature to a new frame of mind that we can put this kind of experiences in. To this there is no real treatment by physical means, by painkillers, or some kind of self treatment with other substanses. If this is not understood, they may give us a temporary relief. But the headaches can turn into horrible ones. I have learned that over time, they give in when they are treated with acceptance as a transformation of personal experiences into a relationship of an independent and autonomous content that originates from within. To pay attention to it and acknowledge it as a path to become more authentic to one self, and through a careful expulsion of the conceptual one-sided reality of the collective mind.