the mental pandemic within us

There will always be people who do not want to meet what they experience between themselves, their person and the human being they are inside. Or confirm that beingness in others. We cannot help them. They will always make others feel bad about themselves because they reject it. And they will always move that conflict around. No one can change that but themselves. But those who are really important are those who are there and those who are still innocently unaware of that presence, and who dares to face the authenticity of their encounter with mankind’s human part within themselves. Who has an ear for his or her’s own part in our relation to it. For what they feel, and what they experience that emerges from this meeting between what they perceive as their own person, and the human within us. We believe that we can protect ourselves from this confrontation by an isolation in thinking and feeling. And defend ourselves by turning the inner conflict we experience with it into a conflict with others. I wonder if we can ever be completely genuine to ourselves in what we feel and experience without our surroundings punishing us for it. Which makes people suffer. Is seems to me that it is not possible to live with only one side of us, with only the person, without the constant dialog we must have with the human being within us, or without sharing it with other people. Am I not just a part of the same endless repetition then, of the same eternal conflict that I blame others for? Our news and our social media broadcast this constant conflict that we carry within us everywhere. And most of us just ignore it and continue to spread this disease further. There is a another invisible pandemic, it is also one where we are all super-spreaders, but it derives from our morbid conflict with ourselves.