the beingness of the human mind

So this is what happens when the human being in me talks to my person. As a person, what I recognise as me in this world, is quite insignificant. But that is not the case with what I am as a human. It is only this human being that I also am that is important. Because it’s this human being inside of me that I have to learn to live with. And then it hits me. What do I do? Why do I put others into that conversation? This really calls for an answer. And why does that make me feel bad about myself? I do it because it is primarily with the human being in me I relate to my person, and to other persons. It is not for others to do it for me. That’s just my thing, what I have to do for myself. But it is with that human being in me that I relate to the personal relation others have of the same kind, to theirs. I am approaching any human being in this way through my person. Not just my own. It is that which makes me feel bad about myself being human. I am being collectively hurt and ashamed not as a person, but as a human being.