our senses have experiences that extend far beyond our time

I think it’s not just where my reflection comes from that I try to understand. But also the part of me that is that other, that which I embody who is connected to earth and physically relates me to the sky as an embrace from the perspective of what we contains. Where its circumference becomes a vessel who involves me in its presence, to become one with Nature. I cannot explain it in any other way. But he is also what connects me to everyone in my background, to how they related to him and what kind of relationship to the whole that we have within us, and what they have been exposed to that is transferred to me. How that acts in me. It always works both ways. So part of what I have to suffer and go through, is transpersonal and independent of time and related to experiences by those who came before me. We are also living our ancestors life in relation to our psychic architecture, and by listening to their voices they also help me find my way back to where it first was lost. Some psychic sufferings cannot be solemnly explained by a single individual like myself. Because we emulate our relation to how that structure was made in the first place, a long, long time ago. It is what is behind our experiences, and make them in a certain way. So some of our experiences are not our own, but transferred by our ancestors through time, and is the result of how they have related to that structure. What some of our sufferings then is made of is due to how they interacted with it in the past. Or what made them stop doing it. Their past is what I interact with right now. What I am trying to say is that if we extend our understanding beyond ourselves and our ancestors, then we are making experiences that are similar because they are relationships we share to the same structural source of psychic life, not the experiences in themselves, but how we are involved in our experiences as a whole, in a sense of affinity.