it depends on how far back we are willing to go..

There are no coincidence on this life’s path, we are always in the right place at the right time as we move further and further into it. Whether we are driven by our conditioned adaptation to our parents, or a society we are an inflated and impersonal extension of, or if we are in the presence of the powers of our creative psychic ancestors that direct us and always provide us with the knowledge that we need. We can ignore them, but it will only cause us to constantly defend ourselves against the powers of their influence through others around us. That will make us live in a self-inflicted vulnerability, as we must constantly compensate ourselves externally for what is going on in relation to our interior life. This is what we experience in ourselves and in many of the peoples who lead our governments and companies in the world today. It is also this conflict within ourselves that our rationalistic mindset’s thinking of psychology believe we can medicate away with different types of drugs, or superficial therapies. But they are still going to be there, and act upon us. We experience them whether we acknowledge them or not. It’s just life in emergent search for the patterns of energy it imagines, or dreams, in the psychological walk we call life.