all my misapprehensions

The problem of convictions is self-centered isolation. When our beingness first met the full weight of the collective mind through our parents, and the world, it felt threatened and overwhelmed, so we learned to seek security in convictions by pure self-preservation, and then we isolated our minds from the spontaneous flow of the consciousness of mankind as a totality, as an experience of the content of the collective mind as a whole. Of a consciousness in which we are all a part that connects everything in life. We still seek security in isolation. With ideals. Which is the very opposite of what it tries to achieve. By ideals we actually provoke the very thing we try to protect our selves from. Just look at USA, Russia, China, the constant tension in the middle East or North Korea. Just listen to them. This is what we do to ourselves. What we create from biases. Political or otherwise. We create our own sufferings and we burn down our world at the expense of others who threaten the vulnerability of our ideals that we aggressively protect with our isolation. Ideal’s that are only parts, or small fragments of the whole consciousness of humanity.