we meet ourselves time and again in an expansive way of being

In my life there is always this “wireless telepathic connection” as the connection that occurs behind the face in what we let others reflect of us in an external sense and the relationship between the inner person and the person living in the other as that reflection which is constantly going on in the relationship with ourselves. But if we have never allowed it to be expressed in our lives, we fall head over heels for it when we discover it and it then demands that it be allowed to remain in our lives through someone else, and forces it on them. Or we defend our external attitude and how we have adapted to it by trying to control what we think we are through its influence on us and others, and then wonder why we are so tormented and full of anxiety. I never cease to be amazed, neither by myself nor by others, how it is constantly going on inside of us without anyone really consider it as a living connection, enter into it and truly be it without getting caught up in any of its internal opposites. It is that space between us that is both of us at the same time as it is each separated from the other. The psychic experience that both makes it our inner reflective counterpart and inspirer as our relationship to ourselves in others.