we have lost our souls in time

As humanity move further and further into time, we discover that having experiences from a different kind of timeframe is common to all. Some of us also discover that how we experience that differs between people. We also discover that our experiences are self-organizing and based on traditional backgrounds still alive in us which connect us to from where we originallly come from, and to our human form behind it. Some of us do not extend our abilities to embody this, and others have them as part of their personal inner reality whose liveliness also has an outer counterpart in still living traditions, and some must constantly materialize this experience because they have nothing of that. They are lost inside. And must pass it on to other people and objects as if their experiences also has its origin in them. Like lost children they constantly try to find the right connection to themselves all over the place. And in that frame of mind we form concepts of intellectualized experiences. Because we still make experiences wether we acknowledge it or not. Some of us even believe that these concepts are universal and apply them to everyone and dress them up in a static public personality to gain some control over the independency of psychic life. Which in turn rob us of our original experience. In this way the individual reality of people become suppressed and suffocated by the time we live in. We spread our need to control life around us like a mental pandemic. But this is also how we can realize that we have lost our souls in time.