we are what Nature herself would like to change us to

My true experience of the body comes from this psychological entity traditionally called soul. It is where I balance my existence and its relation to nature, where my physicality resides. Here is my relation to the world. How I perceive it. It is all pure Nature. From this experience I am called to act in relation to what is in it. To life. It is where my other being creates an outer reflection of an inner fact. The nature of that experience I call soul is what makes life flow from this other being into my world. It is where my raw Nature becomes my personal and human acts of cultivation. I think it is in these processes we can find the ongoing creation of cultural history of the human race. But most importantly, each individual has his own unique experience of this. This is a common pattern. Beautifully and annoyingly summed up by Edward Edinger like this; We have a psychological encounter where we experience our true Nature within; And that involves a suffering because it activates our self as something individually separate from the collective; there’s also our perseverance, because we have to stand up for our sense of beingness; and last there’s a revelation where the onslaught of instinct becomes a new living relation to how we experience life. It is almost like a living pattern of existence put to words. Disgusting in its rationality, because of how far this is from being respected in our time, but possible to accept as an absolute form of beingness in the living experiences of our individuality.