we are also born out of our psychic experiences

The dominant view of society on the societal traditions that we usually call “primitive”, is usually based on a perspective that mainly consists in our own lost connection to an inner original whole. It is our own broken inner experience of pure nature both inside and outside us. But our raw Nature is that life, it is nourishment, support, and strength. From within we are connected to the sense that it surrounds us at all times and in every direction. It is the air we breathe, the water. The earth that nourish us. It is the whole physical universe that supports us. Our experience of this is the whole world in a divine like closeness to the essence of femininity. This is our other half and the physical vessel of our wholeness. It is in this kind of ”primitive” awareness many people in traditional cultures experience their rebirth. And their relation to an intermediary or a second Greater personality. To our self. Where wholeness is not percieved as dogmatic structures of an imposed totality but a personal relation to all life. Inside of us we are born psychologically by this experience. It gives birth to a new connection to our self, and a genuine sense of community with all Nature. It is what really makes us human. To call this ”primitive” is a transference of ones own broken connection to this wholeness, because it is not something that can be approached or grasped with a rational mindset. It is about our relation to experience. But if we choose to describe our perspective on primitivity as the lack of a relation to its sense of wholeness, i think we are also close to its opposite which is the absence of maturity. It is about the maturation process to our inner self and its totality. And a person’s or society’s relation to this can always be seen in how it treats its indigenous people.