the world of the personal other

The mental illness created by the attitude of our world is that it does not provide any real space for the original human in each person in our public life. We do not respect that we must be given time to enter ourselves and consolidate the values of what we are that is also beyond it. We do not see our ego as a container present in a spaceless dimension perceptible in our concrete space of here and now. Or that we have experiences that originates from beyond it, from where we also find this incarnate space where infinate space in finite space interchange with values and inspiration to our personal life. We never really perceive that we have been evicted from ourselves. We just continue to make the world a private one, and it ceases to be a world for others. We merge our lack of personal space with social issues which then only increases its complexity. And we use the world as a hiding place for what must be faced on our own. The mind and the world becomes one, and it becomes an undifferentiated infantile and materialistic world. We never really face that there is a shared timeless experience dwelling among us, common to us all.
But we still generalizes, and most of us don’t even recognize what kind of relation we have to our ideas from within ourselves.
How often don’t we just quote or copy someone, or repeating what is already known. The question is, when do we really express a genuine relation to our immediate experience?