the true force of reality is the psychic nature of imagination

What I experience are not theoretical concepts or terms in an academic discussion. If I say psyche, I mean experiences as such, transformed into reality. Their origin, and behavior is something beyond me with an intention that makes my experiences relative to me. The I, and what the nature of my person within me mediates to me, are my recipients of experiences that have their own independent background in a vast psychic space of timeless reflections. If I relate to something in others, it is to that person, in that kind of environment. What I am trying to say is, I share experiences from this with others, besides how we define them in a specific external form, or context. Although it is always present to us externally in a historical sense, and watered down in a cultural community of established and widespread cherished values, of how we imagine our relationship to our common psychic life. So what our scientific approach has in common with this is, that it interacts with the material reality in the same way that our belief system does with our psyche. It is basically no distinction between them because the source of both is the same. We cannot escape the fact that their origin has a common source that we try to describe by way of how it interacts with our imagination when we apply it to our existence. My relationship to this source that my inner person emerged from, is therefore not determined by what words we use for it, but how I can relate to myself in a wordless manner if I pay attention and listens. Also, this relation is something that was already there before I was. It is the force of our nature’s spontaneity that we receive, which is conveyed to me by my inner person for whom I am an object. I think it is this relationship that we have to the other within us, that we refer to when we say that we reflect on something. We reflect on what it negotiate to us. How we then imagine something in this world is a result of this relationship. It is the source of all our thinking and feeling, our intuitive processing and its sensations.