the self-generative activity of Nature itself

The sami experience of our connection to the inner being, Radien-giedde, seems to be somewhat similar to the Kundalini experience of perusha on the threshold of anahata to visuhdda. Jung discribed it like this; “In anahata you behold the purusa, a small figure that is the divine self, namely, that which is not identical with mere causality, mere nature, a mere release of energy that runs down blindly with no purpose.” The concept of this energy resembles Henki in northern sweden, something that becomes more differentiated the more intensely we become exposed to it. A force of nature that unfolds as from within through this connection. It’s a feeling of a center in my chest. Of an inner subtle counterpart in a symbiotic relationship with nature. But with nature as Mother Nature rather than nature as something objective and beyond me. It is a physical relationship between me and my nature as an experience of a comprehensive whole. Since we are deeply connected to Nature in a symbiotic psychic relation, it creates a metaphorical property. Out of which perusha/Radien-giedde is born. He is also what connect us to the symbiotic experience of imagination that gives a person the ability to enter into, and understand the multitude of connections that exist throughout the animal kingdom and in the sense of a psychic field with cosmic proportions. It’s like a world held in a vibrant imaginative field of energy. In the experience of the Inuit, I think this is equivalent to Silap Inua. To the sami it is Radien-attje. The spirit that all things are made​​ off. He lives in everything and keeps everything separate and yet together. He is intelligence, the order of things, the atmosphere, the world itself. Or undertood as the casing around the earth. It is as though the earth is inside Sila/Radien-attje. In Anahata/Visudda, it snakes through what we experience in a symbiotic sense of the world only a metaphorical language can describe. Or as Jung put it; “the insurmountable power of reality no longer maintains this earth’s data, it is psychic data that does that”. It is a metaphorical psychic field that holds everything that exists together in a dynamic, living field of life.